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TSN: Masters of Twitter?

In my own little sports world, I need to always know what the latest update and score is for every game out there. The easiest way I’ve found to do this is to follow TSN (The Sports Network) on Twitter (@TSN_Sports). Whether I’m at work, sitting at home, or at school, I always have instant updates that are current and relevant to what is going on in the world.

The first thing I always notice when I navigate to the TSN Twitter page is the blinding red graphics signature to the TSN network on television (now I know I’m on the right page!). The TSN logo is everywhere, because of all of the posts that are written. This is great for branding, and getting the TSN name out to the public to generate more followers.

Every hour or so, TSN sends out several tweets at once, updating the viewer of the latest news in sports, trades, or events. There can sometimes be 50 or more tweets a day! The tweets feature mostly professional and amateur sports games, players, and results. The tweets are always to-the-point and provide the necessary information viewers want to see, but always reference the viewer to their website to see the details (an incredibly smart idea, business-wise). In every single tweet, there is a link to where the complete story can be found on the TSN website, so if you want the details, they’re always one click away.

One of the best parts about the TSN Twitter page is that it follows all of the TSN analysts and broadcasters for the network. I follow Dan O’toole (@tsnotoole), and Jay Onrait (@JayOnrait), both of whom are broadcasters for TSN’s most popular show, Sportscentre (@SportsCentre). By following some of the broadcasters and TSN at the same time, I always have an opinion and the facts on the information I’m receiving. For example, TSN will offer the update on the latest trade in the National Hockey League, but O’toole will tweet the details or any “behind the scenes drama” about the trade. It’s like all of the news is connected to each other through other people, including the fans, who are very opinionated, and like to input their opinion about the results.

Needless to say I’m very happy with all of the tweets that I receive from TSN, so I always know what’s going on in the world of sports, and I never miss anything. As I type, I’m getting the latest news on several National Hockey League players signing with the Swiss Elite League! So if you’re a sports fanatic like myself, it would be worth your while to follow TSN, especially if you’re in the North American continent.

And while you’re logging on to Twitter to follow @TSN_Sports, why not follow me @ClaraQuinn13 ? Happy tweeting!


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Capulet: Effective Blog

I found the content of the blog for Capulet Communications Inc. very interesting. Capulet is an internet marketing agency  that promotes all of the ideas, products, and services of their clients online. They have promoted many successful campaigns for Future Shop, Best Buy Canada, PhoneGap, and more. To visit their blog, click

The blog itself promotes a lot of the different projects and ideas that have been a success and which ones the company is interested in promoting. Capulet spends a lot of its time working with non-profit organizations and how they can engage online visitors to help their cause and learn about their causes. With these kinds of posts, Capulet provided “Research & Data” posts about studies that they conducted on non-profit organizations, and collected data about what methods worked best for these organizations in relation to their Facebook pages, of all things. By reading that post alone, I learned how to attract more followers and what not to do when linking, adding, or sharing any content. Capulet also promotes the different events and promotional offers that they have that other companies can take part in using similar methods.

The whole blog is organized to have a picture with a small caption of the post so there is always a general idea of what a post is about. The most recent post is a large photo in colour, but all of the other earlier posts are all smaller and are in black and white colour underneath the larger photo. I find that this is effective because I’m visually attracted to an important post, and can locate the less recent posts easily.

There seems to be about 1 or 2 posts a month, with all the latest posts located in a “Latest Blog Posts” widget on the left side of the page. Another widget includes different categories such as news, communities, social media, web marketing, etc. There is also a “Sign Up For Our Newsletter” widget where an email address is given for the latest news and information about Capulet. I love these widgets not just because they’re relevant to what the blog is about, but also because they are accessible and simple to use, so as not to deter me from the webpage out of frustration.

I really enjoy the colour pallet as well for the design of the site. The white background with textured black head-line and bottom-line backgrounds complement each other, along with the electric blue links throughout the page. I find this pleasing to the eye but interesting because of the different texts and sections that everything is broken into.

Overall, I found that Capulet’s blog was put together very well, and that if I was a customer looking to use their products or services, I would be willing to give them my business. I find that every detail is well organized and condensed for easy navigation, and I loved that fact that news about the organizations that Capulet funds and their own products were front and center of the page. I look forward to hear about what ideas Capulet is going to publish next!


Social Media

Being part of a younger demographic, I have grown up with all different types of technology, including social media. Social media has changed the way that people connect, share, and create using apps, the internet, and cellphones. It is unheard of these days to not have a Facebook or Twitter account.

Personally, I have accounts for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube channel, Google Drive, you name it. I also have and email account, but email has been overrun by messaging services on many sites such as Facebook. I find that Google Drive is so much more convenient for sending documents and presentations using the group editing feature. Pinterest is my favourite site, where you can create your own boards and personalize your account to what you like as a person. I love to shop, and “pinning” my favourite outfits, gadgets and home ideas in picture form helped me lose my impulse to go shopping! True story. And Pinterest just recently launched their new app, which was very exciting for me!

It took some time to get the hang of things but I eventually became “social media savvy” with some practice. I was never one of those people that felt the need to want to share everything that I’m doing in my life at every given moment, and I still don’t. It seems to me as though a lot of people are using social media as their primary source of connection to the real world, instead of face-to-face interaction. The internet and the apps created by these companies appeal to people as a form of entertainment, and an escape into a cyber-world where they can express themselves as they choose. As liberating as that can seem, I’m mostly concerned about the amount of face-to-face social interaction skills that are still needed in today’s world, but are under-developed in younger generations because of the constant usage of social media.

There are many pros and cons to social media, one of my favourites being able to connect with family from wherever they are. I will always use social media for convenience and entertainment because it’s just that: convenient and entertaining. It’s hard to think about what could possibly be invented from what we already have for social media apps and websites, but there is definitely more to learn about the uses we could gain from social media.