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Developing a Social Media Plan

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Businesses are always looking to evolve into the social media scene, but the question is whether or not a company is ready to emerge into social media. A social media plan is a statement on behalf of the company about the key reasons a business should consider social media and, more importantly, how. The following post is an example of a business that is looking to start using social media for business, and a plan outline is available. The company described is called Extreme Promotional Materials, an Ontario-based business that supplies personalized  uniforms and promotional materials for sports teams and businesses, from jerseys to pens.



In order to increase sales and growth within a company, the company must conform to using tools to sustain growth in the markets. Extreme Promotional Materials can benefit from social media by connecting with consumers across the country and around the world. The main use for social media is for the company to offer products and ideas online as to what the company can do to help with a customer’s specific needs. When  customers look for quality and customization, the preference is given to those with credentials that are received from other customer bases that have used the company’s services. Extreme Promotional Materials is a company that wishes to attract customers around the world, and the Internet is a tool that can propel the company to success, using the social media tools that almost all of the people in the world have access to.

Mission, Vision, Goal

Our mission is to produce quality and creative materials and products while encouraging positive relationships with our customers.

Social media will aid Extreme Promotional Materials in reaching out to customers from around the world by demonstrating the talents and quality of each product created by the employees of the company. Extreme Promotional Materials hopes to increase sales and brand awareness provincially, nationally, and internationally.

Key Messages

  • Extreme Promotional Materials provides personalized uniforms and jerseys for sports teams and groups
  • The company also supplies customized office materials and promotional items for businesses both large and small
  • Logos and messages are specialities of Extreme Promotional Materials 

Target Audiences

The market for Extreme Promotional Materials is centered around students, men ages 20-40, and women ages 25-40.

Students are involved in many of the extra-curricular activities that are offered by any educational institution. These extra-curricular activities include sports teams, debate teams, student governments, drama club, music club, and many more. To express their involvement and support for clubs and events, students can wear custom designed clothing for their teams to express their involvement. Sports teams are required to have matching uniforms to show team colours, numbers, names, and the school’s representing logo. Extreme Promotional Materials are dedicated to helping the needs for student activities and can provide customized clothing that is required.

Men between 20 and 50 years of age represent the sports fans of the logo market. Extreme Promotional Materials can help fan clientele with game-day jerseys personalize them to show support for their preferred team. Men of these ages are the highest demographic that watch professional sports that include baseball, basketball, hockey, soccer, football, and more. Many of these individuals enjoy customizing their jerseys to their preference so as to honour their favourite team. Also, this demographic is the working class, looking to promote their businesses any way that they can using gifts, donations, or to sell products online. Extreme Promotional Materials can design product with any company’s logo or slogan.

Women between 25-40 years of age are the working moms of the world. They are businesswomen that could also use Extreme Promotional Material’s services for business purposes outlined in the previous paragraph. For example, it would be easier to promote any from-home businesses, which are becoming more popular for mothers with children.

Volunteer organizations can also benefit from Extreme Promotional Material’s services by ordering shirts and items for fundraising events and volunteer identification.

Social Media Tools

Many of these individuals enjoy customizing their jerseys to their preference so as to honour their favourite team.

Pinterest is a great way for Extreme Promotional Materials to brand themselves visually. By creating boards that are specific to mothers, sports, activities etc., it is easier for people to find what they are looking for by category and by search engines within the website. All of the target audiences listed previously can use Pinterest to share their ideas to their friends and family, and will inspire ideas for consumers who are looking for a way to brand their interests and businesses. Pinterest is also one of the fastest growing social media websites around the world, so it is worthwhile to start in a website that has steady growth in popularity. Other designers and manufacturers can also view the products, and can support the brand.

Twitter is an easy to use social media site that can make communicating with audiences more easily. Twitter provides instant updates for followers and for Extreme Promotional Materials to review customer feedback, and to showcase the products that they can provide to customers. All different age groups use Twitter for many reasons, including men, women, and teenagers.

Blog?? Instagram??

Social Media Engagement Strategy

Pinterest allows Extreme Promotional Materials to publish photos of their products. Customers do not know what they are ordering unless they can see what they are purchasing, especially when products that are being completely customized from scratch. Photos should be abundant on the different options that customers can buy, as well as the types of purchases that other people have ordered. Extreme Promotional Materials can also repin ideas from other followers to their boards, so that a constant feed of photos relevant to the company are available for repinning, and are current. For example, jerseys for professional sports teams can be catagorized in its own board as as a Sports category, which many people will search and then can see all of the posts there (mostly geared toward the men ages 20-40 audience). This means that to be current, posting should be ensued every 3-4 days at the latest. This allows new pins to be first on the search pages and categories to be viewed instantly by other users. There needs to be a certain level of creativity that exudes from the company page, to help consumers feel as though they can trust that their purchases will be of a high quality.

Using Twitter can be effective in many ways, including uploading photos and video to a tweet that all of the company’s followers can view. The instant updates keep followers interested, and aware that Extreme Promotional Materials is staying current with trends and branding. One way to achieve this is to post very frequently, possibly once every day, and waiting no longer than 2 days to post a tweet. Also, retweeting content can help followers recognize that the company is supplying within their interests by posting relevant content to Twitter. Office supplies can be retweeted by businesses that follow Extreme Promotional Materials and will be constantly reviewed by the customers to display what the customers want. Deals may also be posted, which also makes the tweets current and up-to-date. Many teenagers and students have taken into using Twitter for a means to communicate, so many of the tweets need to be relevant to popular trends in the world such as music, celebrities, and fashion.


A social media plan could easily ruin a company by one negative comment, or help a company through effort. It is difficult to succeed in the social media industry, but a social media plan can help, especially if it is the last option for a business’s growth. If you wish to read more on the difficulties in social media, link to my post Business Trends Worth Knowing About, and the article “ Why Does There Always Need to be an App  For That?”


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