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It’s interesting to see how a simple movie production (but I guess in “Inception’s” case, maybe not so simple) can inspire others to think about the business perspectives that maybe don’t seem as clear when told what the concept is. I’m a huge Inception fan, so I was fascinated with this post.


The movie Inception has significant take-away in the world of business. The emphasis put on team building, marketing, and plan execution are the key areas discussed in this blog.

After Leonardo DiCaprio’s character, Cobb, was challenged to get inception (the planting of an idea without the brain’s ability to trace its origin) in exchange for his return home his children, Cobb needed the best in the business. Cobb needed a team of people that were very skilled and specialized. His team consisted of the following:

  • The problem solver – Ariadne, a bright architecture student
  • The master of Disguise – Eames, a conman
  • The highly experienced – Arthur, Cobbs right hand man
  • The specialist – Cobb himself
  • The employer – Saito, a past target of inception
  • The target/customer – Robert Fischer, the person who is to have the idea planted
  • The customer relations rep – Yusuf, the person who specializes in…

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