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Social Media “Experiment”

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Throughout the past 3 months, I have been writing posts related or semi-related to social media and business. I like to think that these posts were an “experiment” of sorts, to research how businesses can utilize social media to help growth for the company. Many different aspects were analyzed; from various social media websites, apps, policies, strategies, and specific company profiles using social media.

In my first post entitled Social Media was my overall understanding about social media at the time that I wrote it way back in September. I wasn’t using as many accounts at the time, or knew much about the features that most social media websites could offer. I was never the most “vocal” on social media, where I would just look and read but never really wrote my own posts or ideas. I was also very biased about the fact that social media seemed to be replacing face-to-face communication between people.

As previously mentioned, I have been writing about the impact that social media has on businesses and the decisions that companies make in response to social media. I used to think that social media was used for the communication between friends and family. But now, my understanding of how useful social media can be for a business is so much more clear, and it is obvious about how important social media is for today’s economy and competitive markets. It’s true that there is less face-to-face communication between people, but that doesn’t mean that there is less communication as a whole between anyone, including businesses and their customers. This experiment was a real eye-opener as to what is really happening in the world of social media, and I guess I wasn’t completely correct when I said that people only use social media for entertainment. Apps and websites as products are a business all in themselves, stimulating the economy and creating connections to commerce and growth.

By the way, in case you didn’t know… I was actually posting for my Social Media and Emerging Technologies class at Loyalist College, ON! This class was one of the classes I needed to take, so that I could receive my Diploma in Business Administration, and my assignment each week was to start and write a blog. Just thought I’d let my readers know that the charade is up! But don’t worry, I will definitely keep trying to include any form of social media content in the majority of my posts.


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