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I have excelled at writing for most of my life.

I have had teachers praise me, received awards for writing, and I have had complete strangers tell me how great that specific piece was. I’ve had exposure to many types of writing styles and teachings, so I’ve always felt confident when asked to write.

My ability to write likely comes from my love of reading. I was reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in the 1st grade at 6 years old and finished the Chamber of Secrets and Prisoner of Azkaban by the end of the 2nd grade.

No big deal or anything.

But for the first time, I am finally being asked to find a weakness in my writing. In this case, 3 weaknesses that I want to improve in the next 3 months. I won’t lie, this is a new concept for me.

So I made a list (typical me).

  1. Be concise where possible,
  2. Communicate the message so others will understand,
  3. Learn how to write different Public Relations formats – this is more of a career specific goal.

And I suppose I could start by improving my writing habits before I even sit down to start writing.

If you have any advice on what has worked for them in the past in their writing, comments are always appreciated.


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