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Google’s Internal Communications

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Google Internal CommunicationsThere’s a reason Google is the best place to work in the world and why it has shattered records and continuously ranks above all other companies.

The answer: internal communications.

But there is one thing that a lot of companies fail to recognize in their own internal communications programs that Google has practiced for years. Google has established a work culture among employees that has all employees working on the same page.

It definitely helps that Google develops software and applications that help foster creative growth and effortless communication between people. Google Blogoscope provides insight as to some of the internal communications techniques that Google employees use to make their jobs easier:

  • Google Projects – A system that shows each employee’s status on current projects they are working on, like reports and updates
  • Google intranet, MOMA – Shows information for employees from the company
  • Google Ideas site – A forum to help employees create and share new ideas
  • Google Caribou Alpha – Google’s own employee Gmail
  • Google Experts Search, “Googler Search” – Employees can search for employees within the company databasewith specific skills or networks to help them finish projects
  • Google Apps

Safe to say that Google employees like to keep in touch.

Everything at Google seems to be integrated together. Ironically, companies like HGA Strategies are using Google products like Gmail, Drive, and Docs to make their own employee communications more efficient.

Because of this internal communications system, Google employees can find resources and information that they need quickly so that they can do their jobs well. This is important to Google because Google employs over 31,000 employees as of their 2011 Q3 Report. It is easier for employees and for Google management staff to make sure their teams and departments are working to their full potential.

Oh, and did I mention it’s ranked as the #1 place to work in the world?


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