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Ok, first ever shot at a reader profile. Courtesy of one of my favourite television shows, The Blacklist.

Raymond “Red” Reddington is a 4o-ish year old criminal mastermind that sells secrets for a living and has recently become an FBI informant. He has been a fugitive for over 20 years, but he used to have a family before he became a criminal. Every move he makes is calculated so that he will be safe from the members of the Blacklist and he doesn’t care who he has to kill in order to make that happen. His decisions have toppled governments and started wars.

When he is given a task, he is focused and straight-forward towards everyone involved. He always gets what he wants because he is so persuasive. If the FBI doesn’t do what he says, there are usually consequences since he is the expert in criminal behaviour. However, he withholds a lot of information, especially from the FBI, so it is never certain what problems could. Reddington is cooperative, but only with his daughter, an FBI agent that he is working with. When he does interact, it is always through face-to-face interactions or a phone call in case his plans are compromised.

Considering his secrecy, it is hard to know all of the demographic details of Raymond in the show, but he displays a lot of behavioural traits. Lucky for me or this profile would’ve been pretty lame and unworthy of such a well written character.



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