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Branding Barney’s NY

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It was hard to pick just one example of great brand journalism from Barney’s. So I’m going to highlight some features on their blog, The Window, that show their creative thinking and interactions.

Barney’s New York creates their own content and posts it on The Window. This blog has become a community for Barney’s.

In addition, they highlight their team of employees and show their passion for fashion all while making their content convenient and shareable. The blog contains information like Videos, Personalities, and doing stories on their clothing lines like the Brothers, Sisters, Sons & Daughters Spring 2014 Campaign where all of the models are transgender. Barney’s stories usually have a small video made specifically for each story.

Also, Barney’s did a Christmas window display in 2013 that had a mannequin dressed in a luxurious gown in a shiny and festive setting. The catch: Everything was made out of foil coffee bags and disposable cups.

So why is this so groundbreaking?

It’s original. It’s seasonal chic. And it’s a great conversation piece. The best part is that Barney’s used this across their blog and other online platforms to generate interest. Another company could technically do the same thing, but Barney’s has the claim of doing it first and doing it well. Visual is key to making this idea work.

And what’s more visual than an Illy espresso machine as a headdress?

Barneys-New-York-window display


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