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I finally took some time to make my own personal mission, vision, and values to help guide me through the rest of my career and life. I found it difficult to start; but when in doubt, work your way backwards. So I started by listing my values, then the vision, and finally the mission.



To live a healthy, balanced, and present life that allows me to pursue knowledge as I continue to problem-solve and develop lasting relationships that encourage others to improve their skills.



There are a few activities I love to do that specifically help me unwind from the world temporarily: reading excessively, walking with my best friend, and running for the sake of leaving it all behind. And between it all, I take a photo to cement time. Continuing these parts of my day will help me achieve a healthy and ambitious mind, something that  I have now and want to continue to have heading forward.

When I am moving through the day, nothing gives me more confidence and sense of than knowing that there are people counting on me and that I can make a positive difference in each individual’s life. Making sure that I maintain these relationships in a healthy way with the people I love most is what I want the most.

I want to lead people, and I know I can lead people. Participating is the foundation for any team, and I’ve always tried to encourage others to try something new, like sports. This is something that has helped me in life, and I will continue to challenge others to test their own limits. Waiting for opportunities to find me is not ideal anymore, and I will make my own opportunities.



  • Intellectual challenges and constant learning
  • Candor and honest expression in both work and personal life
  • Balancing a healthy mind and body
  • Encourage others to improve upon their passions and get involved
  • Being able to problem-solve in any situation

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