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The Types of Marketing You Should Be Investing In

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My first thought when public relations professional, Leona Hobbs, started talking about converged digital marketing was “Oh great, a new lesson on something that doesn’t sound interesting.”

I never knew I could be so wrong about anything.

Converged marketing is a group of strategies used that encompass the pillars of content, community, and commerce. These strategies are executed across paid, owned, and earned media. Throw in the word “digital” and you really got something.

The idea that strategies can be used as paid, owned and earned media resonated with me. So far, I’ve learned to promote, brand, and communicate either on a large or small budget without having to pay for media attention. Otherwise, you create your own content. I had always thought that I was never allowed to use paid media strategies and tactics. In fact, successful campaigns combine all three strategies to achieve the desired outcomes. The photo below gives example of tactics and where they overlap with other strategies.

Something else that caught my eye during Leona’s presentation depicts various tactics that can spark a target audiences rational or emotional thoughts. This is one of the most straight-forward graphics that I’ve ever seen that actually tells me what I’ve been itching to know.

graphic 1

The immediate task was to find a product, company, or brand that exemplified the very image of converged digital marketing. I quickly researched Lululemon because I thought they had a relatively solid converged digital marketing through their blogs, websites, ads, and events.

My final point of learning for this segment was the concept of influencer relations. It’s common knowledge that companies try to find customers and then earn their trust, like a “friend”. But some content never get to the “friend”, or customer. So how do you reach your customers online? Apparently there’s a simple theory, although the execution could be tricky: influencer relations. Find the people who are already “friends” through their brand. These people could be bloggers, and it is the company’s responsibility to maintain a good relationship with the blogger so as to tap into the blogger’s friends. Indirectly, the blogger’s friends become your customers. I knew that companies do this occasionally for product placement and reviews, but I never knew how to do it and find the best blogger.

graphic 2

Also, Piktochart is awesome.

The sad thing is that all of what I’ve said is less than half of what Leona taught me that day. It seems that Leona is a fountain of knowledge in the public relations field.

Anyone have any other thoughts on converged digital media, tactics, or influencer relations?



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