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Piktochart Brainstorming Webinar

A resounding thanks to Piktochart for emailing out related information from the most recent webinar session (it was full in minutes).

Piktochart brainstorming preso | Piktochart Infographic Editor.


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Unplug. Recharge. Repeat.

Cell phones allow us to interact with each other whenever we want. But how often has your phone been a tool in creating a negative experience in your life? For example, the number of times I’ve had a relationship-altering argument by text with a significant other or friend is too many to describe. I can’t be the only one though. So I think this question is worth asking yourself: “What would my life be right now if it wasn’t for the negative experiences I’ve had resulting from using my phone?”

The more I use my phone, the more questions I have. Knowing the facts about whether a phone is detrimental or essential to everyday live has become a topic of interest lately. Especially over controversy over the approaching National Day of Unplugging. The National Post sums this up nicely.

Keep it charged: The case against the well-intentioned but misguided National Day of Unplugging

This story brought a different spin to a topic that at the surface would seem like a positive call to action. Step away from your phone and social networks, then feel instantly better.

For people like myself, trouble wouldn’t be far away if I couldn’t check my email. As I sometimes like to say: emails make the world go round. There’s more to unplugging than simply being unavailable or unable to do your job (and maybe keep it) without a portable method of global communication.

I came up with angles that I think should be explored further:

  • Would employers consider allowing employees to take moderated days in their schedules to unplug?
  • Which interaction is more efficient: face-to-face or digital?
  • How to maximize the productivity of your phone without clutter.
  • Does unplugging from phones for a day increase well-being or induce more stress?
  • The link between cell phones and depression.

What are your opinions on National Day of Unplugging? Are you participating this year? Comment below (or not, if you’re unplugging).

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Bay of Quinte Media Pitch & Ideas

Placement is fast approaching and it’s time to get my head in the game. I will be starting placement at Bay of Quinte Tourism in a few short weeks so I thought I’d do more research on where I should be pitching stories to promote regionally, provincially, and nationally.

  1. Good Times Magazine: Canada’s Magazine for Successful Retirement
  2. Canadian Living
  3. Outdoor Canada


Topics to Consider

Good Times magazine would be ideal to promote areas like Brighton, ON as a retirement community with much to offer. The Bay of Quinte can highlight local attractions, statistics, and profiles of residents who have moved to the area.

The wine industry in Prince Edward County is growing through improved promotion of the wineries and the variety of wines that wineries are offering. It could be worthwhile to pitch a feature article to Canadian Living to promote the Bay of Quinte wine regions. The link above for Canadian Living features a list of the best places to do a wine-tasting in Canada, and Prince Edward County made the list. This was likely not pitched, but the viewers are more aware of the wine industry so they would be open to specific information for the wineries.

Outdoor Canada is the largest fishing and outdoors magazine in Canada. Continuing to create interest for this magazine is crucial. Highlighting the freshwater fishing, arenas, and various locations in the area would help to promote the outdoors industry in the area.